Madeleine Marsh

Jewellery and sculpture, inspired by mudlarking the Thames, history and story telling.

Madeleine Marsh is an artist making jewellery and sculpture. For many years she has mudlarked (beachcombed) the Thames and she transforms her finds into unique pieces of jewellery and works of art that span the history of London, across the centuries. Much of her work is based on recycling lost and broken items, researching their history and rediscovering their beauty. As well as using the river, she collects sea glass from the beaches of Britain, producing necklaces that recall the joys of seaside holidays and the colours of the sea. A former writer and broadcaster specialising in antiques, Madeleine’s works are often inspired by history. Roman coins and small antiquities are transformed into jewellery Wirework torcs fuse Celtic and Elizabethan glamour; necklaces composed of miniatures celebrate women across the centuries from Royal Mistresses to the Queens of Jazz. Be it a sculpture or a piece of jewellery, Madeleine’s works always tell a story and express a love of life.

Madeleine’s work is all handmade by the artist in London and most pieces are one off. She makes works on commission; sculptures or jewellery specifically designed for the recipient. Her creations can be found in private collections across the world and she believes that art and jewellery should be a pleasure and a conversation piece.





Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Textiles, Ceramics, Etchings


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